@TeamTigress is a small sailing team with big ambitions. Passionately believing that everyone can enjoy the thrill of sailing – regardless of age, gender, experience or background. Seeing all levels of sailors advance is at its heart. 

@Teamtigress Founder Susan Glenny

British UK based Skipper Susan Glenny has been providing professional yacht racing and training to all levels around the world. She provides racing programmes, campaigns and qualifications for all levels of experience.

@Teamtigress is always at new events and world regattas on the calendar! Susan has a core team of professionals and up and coming professional sailors that provide competitive racing. 

There is a reason why sailing is frequently used for team building, it can be one of the most extreme sports in the world. Sometimes it is an endurance test, sometimes its mental agility and sometimes its fast paced adrenaline. We find most people come away with new understanding of not just their own skills but also their understanding of how to work in a team. 

“Sue’s enthusiasm flows out of every pore and attaches itself to whoever’s nearby”. Huffington Post July 2015

If you want to find out more just contact us on Mailto:team.tigress.sport@gmail.com