8th to 17th of March

Heres what the festival itself says about this uniquely creative and super cool event.

“The Festival Armen, qui Was created in 1978 is an event and Prized Recognized with more than 70 boats competing”.

“The name is a contraction ARMEN of Art Sea (Sea) and Snow (snow) and of course making reference to the light of the Sámi name”.

“This event Quickly generated so much Enthusiasm That It is now endowed with a new sailing and skiing competition named after-Andre Herman”.

An art exhibition in St Tropez During the week of the event with the contribution of a piece of art made by one of the crew was Predetermined theme (8th to 17th of March). 
The first weekend of the regatta, we DEPENDING weather conditions Consists of a race from St Tropez to Cavalaire with a return race The Following day (16-17th march) 
A ski contest takes up at Isola 2000 on the Friday (15th of March) . 
The second weekend of racing is Held in the Golf of St Tropez (16 and 17th of March) 
Payment for participante is done at the secretary’s office 
Partners: From Dove Immobiler, Vineyard Torpez, Yacht Club of Cavalaire, Isola 200, SMN
This contest is open to yachts with modern Either year HN or IRC certificate and to Traditional sailing boats.

Our price for you – Always Includes professional skipper mate – all safety equipment and much more

8/9th March – Armen Regatta Weekend 1 £350 

15/16/17th – Armen regatta weekend 2 £350 

Both weekends £650

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