And obtain a ticket for a massive free 15 % discount with Tigress on any future event)

With the world currently switched off and our Tigress sailing plans on indefinite hold, Sam, Bella and myself have had our thinking caps on as to what as a yachting and racing brand we could provide in the way of a replacement to sailing over the next few weeks. 

Before lockdown and last year, Tigress spent a number of weeks down in St Tropez and as a result Tigress Sport have put together a French language course specifically for yachting and racing.

During the month of May Tigress are going to run a series of four “French/English for yachting and racing” webinars. The 4 webinars will run for 4 weeks on a ‪Tuesday evening‬ 1900 to 2100 (GMT+1). The course will be accompanied by 4 work books/vocabulary dictionary’s that you keep. The course will be certificated too. 

This is everything specifically you might need to know for yachting and yacht racing. 

Course Content 

Basic questions and responses 
Boat geography
Part of the yacht above decks
Parts of the yacht below decks 
Parts of the rig 
Parts of the sails 
Points of sail 
Sail trim language 
Language for manoeuvres 
At the clubhouse 
At the official notice board 
Sailing instructions 
The start sequence 
At the mark 
When boats meet
Safety on board 
In an emergency
At the bar 
At the prize giving 
At the Marina 
At the yacht club 
At the chandlery
At the boat builder 
At the mechanics 
Parts of the engine and associated systems 
Parts of the electrics board 

The course content is validated by Sebastien Delasnerie (Dr Feelgood racing) and Adrien de Belloy of Quantum Sails France, Mediterranean. Both Sebastien and Adrien will be online during our webinars and Adrien will be happy to help any of you with enquiries regarding sail questions and enquiries. 

This course is suitable for those wishing to gain better sailing terminology in either French/English or English/French. 

We all know how well received being able to communicate with fellow sailors is, this is particularly relevant when inbound to a busy mark rounding or on the start line and given that much of our time offshore takes us to France this could be an opportunity to upskill your language “bag.”

Hopefully by the end of the course you will be able to understand that “you need to do a kiwi at the down wind mark” or be able to tell the mechanic that there’s “a problem with the heat exchanger.”

Now for the language police out there, are we a language centre? No of course we aren’t but the key part is that we are all sailors who have operated in France and know what you need to know to get by. And in any case this will be fun and give you another string to your bow.

So to join our course for the four weeks is going to cost you the sum of £95 (we will also wait until pay day to be paid) 

What you get: 
4 x tutorial via “Go to meeting”, with visual PowerPoint slides. 
4 x PDF workbook/vocabulary dictionaries 
4 x own time exercises
1 x end of course test
1 x Tigress French/English for racing course completion certificate
AND (drum roll) a
15% discount on any future booking you make with Tigress Racing redeemable at any time. (If that’s the Fastnet that is a massive cash reduction) 

What you will need to participate:
Go to meeting app for your PC, Laptop, I pad or phone. (Free) 
Adobe Reader app (Free) 

Come on Tigers and Tigresses, aspire to advance your French or English stripes whilst on board. 

If you want to take us up on this offer as well as support us at this time mail ‪‬ to participate.

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